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Self Assess

Healthy Campus Self-Assessments

Healthy Campus Self-Assessments

Taking a self-assessment for anxiety, depression, stress, or workplace factors provides a starting point to understand one’s emotional state and guides the initial steps towards seeking appropriate solutions or treatments.

Anxiety Screener

The purpose of an anxiety screener is to provide a preliminary assessment of whether you may be experiencing symptoms of anxiety. It is not a diagnostic tool but can be a useful starting point for individuals who are concerned about their mental health and want to gauge their anxiety levels.

Depression Screener

The primary purpose of a depression screener is to provide a preliminary indication of whether an individual may be dealing with depression. While it is not a diagnostic tool, it can serve as a helpful starting point for people who are concerned about their mental health and wish to evaluate their depressive symptoms.

Workplace Factors

Workplace factors refer to various elements and conditions within a work environment that can significantly impact an employee’s job satisfaction, well-being, productivity, and overall experience at work.

Lifestyle Score

The purpose of this assessment is to encourage individuals to make healthier choices by providing a snapshot of their overall lifestyle’s impact on their health. A higher lifestyle score is generally associated with better health outcomes and a lower risk of diseases.

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