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The Staff and Educator
Wellness Platform

Caring for staff and educators improves their ability to connect with and meet the needs of their students, improving job satisfaction and instructional outcomes.

The Healthy Campus Wellness Platform

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Step One:
Self Assessment

Learning more about yourself helps you plan out your wellness journey. Use this section to self assess.

Step Two:
Healthy Campus Journey

The Journey platform is designed to help staff and Educators live healthier, happier lives. Spend a few minutes each day in the platform to decompress and de-stress.

Confidential and Safe

Participate Privately

One of the key benefits of the Healthy Campus platform is the confidentiality it offers. Employees can seek help without fear of judgment or negative consequences from their employer. This safe space encourages educators and school administrators to come and address burnout-related issues before they become unmanageable.

Shaping Campus Health

Why support the minds of educators?

High Stress Levels

According to a study by the American Federation of Teachers in 2017, 61% of teachers reported their work was always or often stressful.

Burnout Rates

The 2017 Educator Quality of Work Life Survey by the American Federation of Teachers found that 58% of teachers reported their mental health as “not good.” — a significant increase from 34 percent in 2015 to 58 percent in 2017.

Teacher Turnover

The Learning Policy Institute reported that nearly 8% of teachers leave the profession each year, with about 40-50% of teachers leaving within the first five years.

Impact on Mental Health

A 2022 Learn Together Survey revealed around 80% of teachers answered “not applicable” when asked about resources, programs, policies, or general support available for their own mental health.

After you self assess, start your journey

Healthy Campus journey improves educator mental health and wellness

  • Online and Accessible
    The Healthy Campus journey is an online, self-guided platform. This allows for unmatched accessibility. The online platform means that, no matter where an employee is, or what time it is, support and resources are just a few clicks away. The digital format ensures that there’s no need to schedule appointments during working hours or travel to a physical location. Instead, help is available round the clock, making it convenient and allowing for immediate access to information and tools whenever they’re needed.
  • Confidential
    Using this online platform also provides a reassuring layer of privacy. Engaging with Healthy Campus feels less daunting than face-to-face interactions, providing an environment where it’s easier to explore and address personal concerns without the worry of being recognized or judged. The platform safeguards user identity, ensuring that personal matters truly remain personal.
  • Clinical Support Available
    If employees feel the need to receive additional clinical support, Healthy Campus can arrange for this support in a seamless, easy-to-access way. The team of licensed healthcare providers includes doctors and therapists, ensuring that no-matter the need, there is a resource.
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The minds of our educators teach the minds of our future

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