May 2023

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With mental health at the forefront of everyone’s minds this month, we thought it might be pertinent to write about the importance of increasing access to mental health services in schools in order to prevent staff burnout.

Read the full blog here (Staff Burnout Prevention)

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A Step In The Right Direction

CalOptima Health’s Board of Directors approved up to $25.5 million in funding for all 29 Orange County school districts to boost access to behavioral health care for K-12 children and offer innovative services at school.

This funding is available through a statewide initiative called the Student Behavioral Health Incentive Program (SBHIP), and CalOptima Health has worked collaboratively with the Orange County Department of Education (OCDE), the school districts and other stakeholders on SBHIP since 2022.

This program aims to promote and support behavioral health programs across schools. This funding will be available to all schools, and districts will need to apply for it.

With this initiative, schools will be able to implement programs that address mental health, social-emotional learning, and behavior management, among other things.

The hope is that by providing these resources, students will receive the support they need to succeed academically and personally, leading to a more positive and productive learning environment.

Healthy Campus in Action

The flier attached shows one of the many ways that Healthy Campus is making a real difference in schools. However, we don’t just want you to take our word for it.

Hear from some people who have benefitted from our services:

“I’m super thankful for the opportunity my children were given to participate in the mental wellness program.Thank you for guiding me in the process to get this started.
Imperial School District Parent

“I received great feedback from my patients. One stated he wanted more frequent visits during the week. The parents are also very receptive and supportive as they help their children stay on task.”
Provider, Campus Physicians of California

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