Staff Burnout Prevention: Increasing Access to Mental Health Services in Schools


As we enter Mental Health Awareness Month, it’s the ideal time to reflect on the accessibility and availability of mental health resources – especially in schools. Schools were hit hard by pandemic shutdowns. Both students and staff struggled to cope, leading to a surge in mental health issues among students and staff. 

A 2021 survey found that compared to adults in other professions, teachers report depression three times as often. Mental health conditions are also on the rise for students, but only an estimated half receive the treatment they need. 

Fortunately, many institutions are increasingly addressing mental health in schools in the wake of post-pandemic depression, anxiety, and stress levels.

At Healthy Campus, we are committed to making mental health services more accessible, affordable, and convenient. We believe that a flourishing educational institution starts with the mental well-being of staff members – and we’re working to make a difference on hundreds of campuses. 

Here’s what you need to know about our newest wellness program, specifically targeting mental wellness initiatives. 

About Our Staff Burnout Prevention Program

Even before the outbreak of COVID-19, school employees were experiencing high rates of burnout. The pandemic exacerbated this issue, leading to a five-year high in employee turnover rates. As a result, the remaining staff was forced to pick up the slack – and faced overwhelming expectations.

According to a post-pandemic Gallup poll, K-12 teachers have had it especially hard. 52% of teachers state that they are “very often” or “always” experiencing burnout. The high percentage can be attributed to heavy workloads, high expectations, lack of resources, and, in many cases, little to no support.

Teachers aren’t the only ones who experience burnout. Other personnel such as custodians, lunch aides, school nurses, and bus drivers are also impacted by exhaustion from being overworked. Therefore, it’s crucial that mental health resources are available to support the well-being of all staff members.

Healthy Campus recognizes that many school employees aren’t equipped to deal with the compounding stressors involved with their jobs. As these issues intensify, addressing mental health in schools becomes crucial. That’s why we’re rolling out a new program to prevent burnout and get staff members the help they need.

The program will focus on offering…

✓ Convenience 

Addressing mental health in schools starts with eliminating the obstacles that prevent people from seeking help. One of the top barriers for low to middle-class families is the high cost of receiving treatment.

In fact, a survey by The National Alliance on Mental Illness found that 41% of people named cost as their number one obstacle. Other barriers included eligibility concerns and uncertainty around the accessibility of treatments.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Healthy Campus offers access to low to no-cost treatment plans to help bridge the gap. Additionally, eligibility is guaranteed for all staff members. When services are more convenient and accessible, employees are more motivated to take the first steps toward receiving necessary treatment.

✓ Patient Security

In the digital age, privacy is a growing concern. Staff members may be reluctant to receive care because of privacy and security concerns, like the unauthorized sharing of personal information. This can impact their trust in the treatment process.

Unfortunately, there is still a significant stigma surrounding mental health, which can lead to concerns regarding discrimination or other negative consequences. 

Healthy Campus is dedicated to keeping patient information secure. When it comes to mental health care, trust comes first. Our systems are 100% confidential, so staff can get the help they need, worry-free.

✓ High-Quality Care

Patients may have concerns about the availability and quality of mental health services. Limited access to qualified professionals, long wait times, or insufficient treatment options can contribute to worries about receiving appropriate and effective care.

What sets Healthy Campus apart is our commitment to connecting schools with high-quality, reputable, and trustworthy healthcare providers. We understand the value of providing top-notch care, and that the difference between adequate care and great care starts with exceptional providers.

We ensure that schools have access to physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners with extensive mental health training and certifications so that staff members can feel confident in the quality of care they receive.

Learn More About Healthy Campus

In the aftermath of the pandemic, addressing mental health in schools is becoming increasingly important. High rates of depression among teachers and school staff necessitate accessible mental health resources that are convenient, secure, and high-quality. 

Healthy Campus is helping to make a much-needed change. We are already providing mental and physical healthcare solutions to more than 42 school districts – and that’s just the beginning. Additionally, we’re connected to best-in-class partners that share our goal of offering exceptional mental health support and long-term solutions to staff burnout.

Ready to learn more about addressing mental health in schools or our Staff Burnout Prevention program? Get in touch with Healthy Campus today to find out how we can assist your school. We’ll help you provide the necessary mental health support to the staff members who need it the most.

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