Healthy Campus and Feaster Charter School Collaborate to Advance Universal Mental Health Screening for Children and Youth

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Chula Vista, CA — January 29, 2024 — Healthy Campus, in collaboration with Feaster Charter School, hosted a recent site visit as part of the Universal Mental Health Screening for Children and Youth Project, initiated by the Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission. 


This latest visit on December 13 aimed to explore and showcase Feaster Charter School’s exemplary mental health screening program, facilitated by Healthy Campus’s services.

Feaster Charter School, located just 9 miles from the Mexico/U.S. border, serves a community in which 83% of students face socio-economic disadvantages, and many experience challenges associated with immigration. The school has recognized its need for mental health support, and as a result, has implemented a comprehensive school-based mental health screening and services program.

The Universal Mental Health Screening for Children and Youth Project seeks to gather information and make recommendations for future budget and policy considerations related to universal mental health screenings. The project involves a thorough analysis of…

  • Screening tools (how and when they are used)
  • Best mental health support practices
  • Protocols to responding to identified mental health needs
  • Costs and barriers to implementing universal screening
  • Program outcomes and lessons learned 


During the site visit, representatives from the Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission, along with their partners, learned about Feaster Charter School’s universal screening program and procedures. 

The focus was on gaining insights from various stakeholders, including teachers, administrators, medical providers, students, family members, and others impacted by the program.

Feaster Charter School collaborates with Healthy Campus to enhance its Mental Wellness Program, providing students with access to services both via telehealth after hours and on campus during school hours. 

“Our Universal Screening program has been instrumental in identifying and addressing the mental health needs of our students, allowing us to provide time-sensitive support to families in tackling these critical issues,” said Feaster Charter 6th-8th Grade Principal Meagan Ramirez. “This initiative has played a significant role in reducing barriers within our community by breaking down the stigmas associated with mental health and creating an inclusive and supportive environment for all students.”

The partnership aims to bring mental health services directly to students, eliminating the time and stress associated with parents or guardians taking time off work and pulling students out of class for appointments.

“The collaboration between Feaster Charter School and Healthy Campus exemplifies a proactive approach to addressing the mental health needs of at-risk and underserved students,” said Thomas Shaffer, President of Healthy Campus. “By showcasing successful models like Feaster’s, we aim to contribute to transformational change in the mental health system and reduce the disparities in underserved communities.”

The Commission is particularly interested in understanding the screening tools used, details about administration, and the protocol for responding to identified mental health needs. Insights into program outcomes, costs, and lessons learned during implementation will contribute to informing future policies and budgets.

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