May 2024

Healthy Campus - May Newsletter

Dear Healthy Campus Community,


Hello! Spring has been a busy season for Healthy Campus, and we couldn’t be happier to be working hard towards our mission to bring on-campus healthcare to students everywhere. We’re excited to take a moment to share what we’ve been up to behind the scenes, and to give a look ahead into what’s coming next.


This May, we are excited to celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month by continuing our commitment to fostering the mental-well being of our students, alongside their physical health. This time is a reminder about how important it is to connect, be there for one another, and reach out for help if you or someone you love is struggling.


To access a collection of free mental health resources, provided by the Children and Youth Behavioral Health Initiative, visit the link below!


Mental Health Awareness Month Resources


AI for LEA BOP/Medi-Cal Claims


Districts across California have left millions of dollars unclaimed through Medi-Cal billing under LEA BOP and SMAA. It is a common challenge but one that does not have to continue costing your district valuable resources. Applying the power of Artificial Intelligence, Healthy Campus can quickly analyze historical claims data to identify and reclaim funds lost to denials and underpayments.


Leveraging the power of AI to analyze claims data reduces labor burden, mitigates audit risk, and brings in revenues to local educational agencies. It allows districts to bulk appeal denials and underpayments with minimal administrative effort


Watch our recent webinar on the subject here:


AI for LEA BOP/Medi-Cal Claims - Report & Reimbursements


If you’d like to learn how your district can enhance their financial health with Healthy Campus’s AI reimbursement engine, email us at


Vista Elementary Education Fair



On April 13th, the Healthy Campus team participated in the annual Early Childhood Education Fair hosted by Vista Unified School District.This is a free community event that is open to the public, Bringing together VUSD teachers, students, parents, staff, and community partners to come together for a day filled with fun and learning!


This year’s fair drew hundreds of attendees who received valuable access to free resources, fostered connections within the educational community and provided endless entertainment with exciting games, activities, and prizes for kids to enjoy.


Recap: CYBHI Readiness Webinar Series


In April, Healthy Campus hosted a statewide webinar series for stakeholders in education unpacking the complexities of California’s new CYBHI fee schedule. Healthy Campus President Thomas Shaffer was joined by various guests ranging from county health officials to school principals, who gave engaging presentations and answered questions from attendees.


The heart of our discussions centered on the administrative hurdles schools will confront when rolling out the fee schedule, and the custom solution provided by Healthy Campus: The Operations & Revenue Suite (ORS). ORS is a robust enterprise-grade software platform, tailored for Educational Agencies and Counties, bringing resources together seamlessly into one ecosystem and automating the tasks burdened by this administrative workload.


To learn more about the CYBHI Fee schedule, and to view recordings of the series, please visit the links below:


Webinar Week One:
Webinar Week Two:
Webinar Week Three:


CYBHI & ORS Platform Information


The Operations & Revenue Suite


Healthy Campus is thrilled to introduce our innovative solution for simplifying the implementation of the CYBHI Fee Schedule. Our Operations and Revenue Suite (ORS) is designed to automate processes across school campuses and County Offices of Education, ensuring seamless coordination of essential behavioral health services for students. With ORS, we aim to alleviate the administrative burden and maximize revenue streams, supporting schools in providing accessible mental health care.


Read more about our comprehensive solution here!


CYBHI & ORS Platform Information


Thomas Shaffer Featured in Orange County Business Journal



Thomas Shaffer, Healthy Campus President, was recently interviewed for an article in the Orange County Business Journal discussing Healthy Campus’s new ORS system and its impact on addressing the administrative burden the CYHI Fee schedule places on California schools.


Shaffer highlighted the challenges schools face in managing billing complexities under the CYBHI Fee Schedule. Our Operations and Revenue Suite (ORS) addresses this gap, offering features like a patient portal and AI-enabled claims processing. Vista Unified School District is already implementing ORS, marking a milestone in improving on-campus healthcare access for students.


Healthy Campus Software Aids in School Payments


Feaster Charter School Girls Empowerment Summit



Last weekend, Healthy Campus Participated in the Feasters Charter School’s Girls Empowerment Symposium.The symposium was a conference-style event hosted for girls in 4th to 8th grade, where female students were able to choose from topics led by professionals such as anxiety, depression, bullying, healthy relationships and more. In addition, a dynamic group of professional women from various industries led breakout panels, sharing their career journeys and offering invaluable advice to aspiring young minds. It was an enriching experience for all involved!


Parent-Student Workshops


Last month, we launched our Parent-Student Workshop, providing one-on-one therapy for 6th to 8th-grade students at Feaster Charter School, along with one or both of their parents. During the parent session, our specialists engaged the family in holistic sessions focused on anxiety, depression, general health, and well-being, while introducing topics that would be covered in the student-only workshops.


Subsequently, the student workshop series was conducted in 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade classrooms. Here, our healthcare specialists emphasized well-being and introduced skills to help students manage stress and alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression.