April 2023

Healthy Campus Newsletter

We have many exciting happenings going on at Healthy Campus and we wanted to share a few of them with you.

In this newsletter, you’ll hear about new offerings and services, as well as a few helpful tips to stay healthy with summer just around the corner.

Campus Newsletter
Our New Mental Wellness Program

We’re excited to announce that our mental wellness program has launched at multiple schools. This 12-week program begins with a mental wellness survey administered to students.

Once a student is identified as a good fit for the program, we reach out to their parents and/or guardians to get them scheduled for their initial session with a licensed healthcare provider.

This new program, which is available in the Garvey School District, Chula Vista Elementary School District, and Imperial Unified School District, currently serves students, with a staff program in the works as well. Licensed healthcare providers will work through a hybrid – in-person and telehealth – model to reach as many patients as they can.

Event, Trip, and Camp Testing

More and more school districts have begun partnering with us to organize testing prior to school events, dances, field trips, and camps to ensure all students are healthy and safe.

Chula Vista, one of our partner districts, uses these services to administer PCR and Rapid Antigen COVID-19 tests prior to buses leaving for their annual 6th grade science camps in order to ensure all students are healthy and safe on the trip.

We’re Telehealth Available

Good news! Healthy Campus now provides access to licensed healthcare providers available via telehealth for follow-up visits and care.

Following a positive flu or Covid test result, patients will receive a link in their email that gives them the opportunity to schedule with a provider to receive further care or ask any questions they may have.

Learn more about this and all of our additional services on our website:

Summer Health Guide

Don’t let the current run of bad weather fool you, summer is coming up quickly!

With this seasonal change comes the potential for a whole host of new activities and ways to stay healthy.

Check out this article by the CDC on how to stay happy and healthy this summer here here.

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