Apr 2024

Healthy Campus - April Newsletter

Dear Healthy Campus Community,

Can you believe it? Spring has sprung! As the days lengthen and the weather warms, we’re thrilled to share some exciting updates from behind the scenes at Healthy Campus, where we’re working hard to bring on-campus access to healthcare for students everywhere.

Read on to discover what we’ve been up to!


Partnership Announcement: Vista Unified School District

Vista Unified School District

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Vista Unified School District, marking our inaugural venture into providing healthcare services to high school students.

With services now available to over 6,000 students across the district’s five high schools, Healthy Campus is offering comprehensive mental health care through both in-person and telehealth visits. Our first mental health screener for the district launched on February 26th, with group visits scheduled to begin shortly. While our current focus is on serving Vista’s high school students, our commitment extends further, with plans to eventually cover each and every one of Vista Unified School District’s 19,000 students.


AWARDED: CYBHI Round 5 – Vista Blues Program

CYBHI Round 5 - Vista Blues Program

The Healthy Campus Team is humbled to announce that we have been awarded nearly $750,000 by California’s Children and Youth Behavioural Health Initiative to provide universal mental health screenings, a membership model, and group visits through an evidenced-based practice called the Blues Program. The impact of this funding will extend to students and faculty at Vista High School, Major General Murray High School, Mission Vista High School, and Rancho Buena Vista High School, ensuring access to high-quality mental health care for countless students who previously lacked such resources.


April 10th and 17th: CYBHI Readiness & ORS Platform Webinars


April 10th and 17th: CYBHI Readiness & ORS Platform Webinars

California’s CYBHI program presents significant opportunities for schools but also comes with logistical challenges for administrators. With CYBHI granting “in-network” status with all insurers to school districts under its $4.7 billion infrastructure, more students will have unprecedented access to healthcare. However, schools are tasked with local operationalizing of the program without the necessary administrative resources.

To address this challenge, Healthy Campus has developed the Operations and Revenue Suite SaaS Platform (ORS). This platform, created by our team of highly qualified web development experts, will serve as a secure patient and provider portal. It will provide AI-enabled revenue cycle management, data analytics and reporting, as well as serve as a comprehensive resources and scheduling hub.

If you’re a member of your county or school district’s leadership, we invite you to join our upcoming webinars on April 3rd, 10th and 17th at 3:30 PM. Our experts will explore how school districts can prepare for CYBHI requirements and how the Healthy Campus ORS system can address associated administrative challenges.

Register now by clicking here!

To learn more about CYBHI readiness, please visit


Healthy Campus Journey Platform

Healthy Campus Journey Platform

Healthy Campus is thrilled to announce the launch of the “Healthy Campus Journey” platform, dedicated to supporting the well-being of educators. As educators navigate unprecedented challenges and often feel isolated in their struggles, this platform offers a lifeline with personalized resources aimed at reducing burnout and fostering a healthier campus environment.

From live classes to on-demand resources, the platform prioritizes educator wellness, providing the support they need to thrive. Join us in revolutionizing healthcare within school communities by exploring the transformative impact of the Healthy Campus Journey platform today! Read the full blog post here.

Thank you for reading, and thank you for your ongoing support as a member of the Healthy Campus community.