School districts take a proactive approach with an uptick in COVID-19 cases


The fall semester has brought an uptick in the number of COVID-19 cases on school campuses across the county.

Though the numbers are not yet as high as they were in the previous school year, districts are working to be proactive in prevention.

Why it matters

Since year-round classes began in July, the Chula Vista Elementary School District reports that the number of COVID-19 cases among students and staff is climbing more quickly than the same time last year.

The district’s communications director, Giovanna Castro, said the plan was to stick to basics: “to encourage testing, to encourage washing of hands, and to be open and transparent so we can mitigate COVID not just at the school sites, but at the district level as a whole and in the community.”

By the numbers

Chula Vista Elementary School District has 50 campuses in the South Bay with more than 22,000 students.

Since the first day of school on July 17, there have been 900 positive cases of the omicron XBB subvariant reported. That’s compared with about 2,000 cases at the same time last year.


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