School-Based Clinics Are Revolutionizing Healthcare on Campuses, Providing Wider Access to Health Services


Despite the growing consciousness surrounding the importance of mental health and healthcare access, just 34 percent of schools provide outreach services and mental health screenings, according to KFF. The discussion around school-based healthcare access is growing more and more crucial. But even more pressing, only a mere 17 percent of schools offered mental health services through telehealth services for the 2021-2022 school year, per KFF.

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How can healthcare access be enhanced and address mental wellness within schools? How does integrating healthcare in the educational environment change the game for accessibility and mental health initiatives?

For the latest segment of “I Don’t Care with Kevin Stevenson,” host Kevin Stevenson led a conversation with Thomas Shaffer, President of Healthy Campus, on the transformative topic of increasing healthcare access through school-based clinics. The discussion examined some shocking statistics, the creation and impact of Healthy Campus, and its inventive approach to providing healthcare solutions in over 600 schools.

Stevenson and Shaffer also further discussed:

  • Healthy Campus’s innovative approach, placing healthcare professionals directly in schools, ensuring students and staff receive essential services without compromising instructional time.
  • Its strategic funding model and how school districts receive Healthy Campus’s services at no cost, with funding primarily secured through claims to payers and reducing financial constraints for wider access.
  • How Healthy Campus addresses the urgent needs of students by bridging the gaps between traditional healthcare facilities and school-based clinics.

Thomas Shaffer is the president of Healthy Campus and has dedicated his career to bringing revolutionary healthcare solutions to schools. Having overseen the implementation of healthcare access in over 600 schools, he is committed to reducing obstacles in healthcare and finding school-based healthcare solutions.

Article written by Alexandra Simon.

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