Healthy Campus Unveils One-Stop Solution to Implement CYBHI Fee Schedule for School Districts and County Offices of Education

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IRVINE, CALIFORNIA – (MARCH 14, 2024) – Healthy Campus, an award-winning healthcare platform for schools, is proud to announce the launch of its innovative one-stop solution, aimed at streamlining the implementation of the CYBHI Fee Schedule.  The Healthy Campus Operations and Revenue Suite (ORS) automates this implementation across school campuses and for County Offices of Education.

The Children and Youth Behavioral Health Initiative (CYBHI) is a groundbreaking, $4.7 billion statewide funding program. It is designed to ensure students have access to essential behavioral health services when seen at school or by a school-contracted provider. As part of this initiative, the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) established the CYBHI Fee Schedule.  The CYBHI Fee Schedule setup serves to streamline and facilitate the reimbursement processes for school-linked behavioral health services. It also increases access to school-linked behavioral health services for children and youth, and creates a more approachable billing model for school districts.  Ultimately, this initiative puts schools in network with insurance companies, revolutionizing the landscape of mental health care and reimbursement for students and their schools.

The implementation of the CYBHI Fee Schedule represents a monumental shift towards prioritizing early identification and prevention, addressing children’s mental health needs at the earliest stages. However, the successful execution of the Fee Schedule relies on effective systems that can navigate the complexities of care coordination across fragmented resources, integration of various software platforms, collaboration between departments processes that often work in silos, regulatory issues with HIPAA, FERPA, and consent management, and the process of managing insurance claims.

Thomas Shaffer, President of Healthy Campus said, “Although an amazing opportunity, the CYBHI Fee Schedule places a large administrative burden on schools. These schools lack the software necessary to take on this administrative burden. This results in an implementation gap at the district and county levels.  This gap cannot be solved by hiring more employees or by contracting a billing and claims solution.  It needs something much bigger.  It requires a robust enterprise-grade software platform, customized for Educational Agencies and Counties that unifies resources together into one ecosystem and automates the work this administrative burden places upon them.”

As an industry leader in school-related healthcare, Healthy Campus recognized this implementation gap and developed the Operations & Revenue Suite, a one-stop solution technology platform. ORS is a SaaS (software as a service) product with a comprehensive design to streamline and centralize the complex administrative requirements of Fee Schedule implementation.

Leveraging the power of AI, the ORS system tracks insurance payer policies and regulatory codes, ensuring service delivery across various resources is well coordinated, documented and fraud resistant. Within its Resources and Scheduling Hub it puts district employees, community providers, and local and state resources in one centralized place, closing the loop on care coordination.

Further features offered in the ORS system include…

  • Charting and AI-enabled revenue cycle management to handle claims, appeals, and fund disbursement 
  • Data analytics and reporting on services,resources, and their impact on items such as student attendance and department sustainability.
  • Patient portal which handles consent management and medical records in a secure but convenient manner.

By integrating existing district software and the various CYBHI Fee Schedule processes through the ORS system, Healthy Campus empowers school districts and County Offices to efficiently manage their health services and maximize revenue streams. This is particularly crucial in the current economic climate, where California faces significant budget cuts.

“The launch of our Operations and Revenue Suite marks a significant milestone in our mission to revolutionize healthcare access for students,” said Thomas Shaffer, President of Healthy Campus. “We believe that by providing schools and Counties with a streamlined and efficient platform to implement CYBHI Fee Schedule, we can make a tangible difference in the lives of students across California.”

To support County Offices of Education (COEs) and Local Education Agencies (LEAs) $400 million in School Linked Partnership & Capacity grants are available. These funds are dedicated to helping COEs and LEAs become operationally ready to successfully adopt and implement the Fee Schedule in their counties and districts.  Funds can be used to bolster service delivery, increase capacity to collect/ store data and documentation, and develop and strengthen billing infrastructure.

As California continues its commitment to prioritizing youth behavioral health, Healthy Campus stands ready to support school districts and county offices in their journey towards accessible, high-quality mental health care for all students.

To learn more about Healthy Campus, ORS, CYBHI, or the Fee Schedule, please contact Emily Casey at

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