Healthy Campus Launches Educator Platform to Building Staff Wellness and Resilience

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IRVINE, CALIFORNIA – (JANUARY 14, 2024) – Healthy Campus, an award-winning preventative healthcare platform for school campuses, is proud to offer a new service line for staff and educators. The Healthy Campus Journey Platform is an education wellness platform specifically geared toward campus staff.

It’s no secret that most school administrators, teachers, and staff are facing unparalleled pressures and stress. In a 2022 survey by the National Education Association, over half of educators (55%) said that they were thinking about leaving the profession, many citing pandemic-related difficulties and burnout. 

It is the Healthy Campus and Healthy Campus belief that we need to better support the minds of educators. When society helps school staff better understand their wellness needs, we’re able to support lower burnout rates, less teacher turnover, and a healthier campus environment. 

The Healthy Campus Journey is designed to help staff and educators improve their ability to connect with students by facilitating self assessment, de-stressing activities, mindfulness practices, and much more. 

All Healthy Campus Members receive access to…

  • Anxiety and depression screenings
  • Workplace surveys
  • Online lifestyle coaching
  • Career guidance
  • Wellness resources


These features are available in a confidential format that’s free from judgment or negative consequences for school staff. The platform walks each member through a private wellness journey to address burnout-related issues and help manage stress. 

Healthy Campus is offered through a membership model. School districts pay per staff member for year-long access to all of the included resources. 

“We are in a period of crisis for many school staff throughout California and beyond,” stated Thomas Shaffer, President of Healthy Campus. “Healthy Campus offers a way to prioritize the wellness and safety of our administrators and teachers like never before – and we’re proud to incorporate this platform in our local schools.” 

To learn more about Healthy Campus or Healthy Campus, please contact at She is happy to address queries or respond to interview requests. 

About Healthy Campus

Healthy Campus, founded in 2021 and headquartered in Irvine, CA, is making it easier for schools to offer high-quality, accessible healthcare to students, staff, and their families. The company provides a wide range of healthcare services to participating schools, from mental health programs to annual wellness visits and respiratory virus testing. To learn more about Healthy Campus and its services, please visit

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