Healthy Campus Increases Mental Health Awareness and Solutions in Schools Through Launch of Universal Screening Program

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IRVINE, CALIFORNIA – (NOVEMBER 20, 2023) – Healthy Campus, an award-winning preventative healthcare platform for school campuses, announced its newest screening program this Fall, partnering with Feaster Charter School, Garvey Elementary School District, and Center Joint Unified School District.

Healthy Campus works with school districts to build integrated, program-driven, on-campus solutions that prioritize student and faculty wellness – physically, emotionally, and mentally. This is met through partnerships with school districts, principals, physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

Officially named Mental Health Universal Screening, the newest Healthy Campus program helps identify a wide range of mental health concerns in children, including anxiety and depression. 

Starting in September, Garvey Elementary School District, in partnership with Healthy Campus, will screen over 2,300 students between grades 4 and 8. This adds to the additional 154 surveys that were completed last winter for grade 7 at Temple Intermediate School.

“Identifying anxiety, depression, and other mental health concerns in students gives staff and parents the power to seek more effective strategies and therapies to assist children,” said Rene Hernandez, Garvey Elementary School District Assistant Superintendent.

The Mental Health Universal Screening program is predominantly funded through grants and district funding, and Healthy Campus’s district partnerships have already earned recognition from the state. In the future, Healthy Campus hopes to secure further grants and partnerships as they expand the screening program to other schools and districts throughout the country.

“We want families to be informed and have access to interventions as early as possible,” said Karena Haro, CCSPP Coordinator, Feaster Charter School. “Screening students more regularly and effectively in schools will help that become a reality in our community and beyond.”

To learn more about Healthy Campus, its services for schools, or how to register with them, please contact Senior VP Andrea Ramos is more than happy to address queries or respond to interview requests. 

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Healthy Campus, founded in 2022 and headquartered in Sacramento, CA, is making it easier for schools to offer high-quality, accessible healthcare to students. The company provides a wide range of primary care services to participating schools, from mental health programs to annual wellness visits and COVID-19 testing. To learn more about Healthy Campus and its services, please visit

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